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I have over twenty years experience working in the field of special education, behavior analysis, and ABA therapy.  I earned my first Masters Degree in Special Education from Jersey City University and earned a second Masters degree in Applied Behavior Analysis and Autism Studies from Georgian Court University. I have worn many hats throughout my days: mom, special education teacher, ABA therapist, BCBA, and sign language interpreter. I found my passion working with children of all abilities; they have taught me most of what I know and they always challenged me to find a better way...ABA is that way. I believe in the power of communication and know that when children can communicate, they can succeed.

I graduated from Arcadia University in 2015 with my Bachelors degree in Elementary Education and Special Education.  I am currently attending the Georgian Court University ABA program, pursuing my master's degree.  For several years I have worked with children of many different abilities through volunteering, student teaching, substitute teaching, being a paraprofessional, and providing in-home ABA services.  I found my passion to work with children through watching the big and little successes of each child I have had the opportunity to work with.

Lisa A. Glassford


I graduated from Georgian Court University with a bachelors degree in Education/Special Education.  I am currently enrolled in the ABA Masters Degree Program at GCU.  Working with special needs has been my passion for as long I can remember. From being a paraprofessional to summer school teacher to an ABA therapist, each child I have worked with has brightened my heart a little more.  Being an ABA therapist has opened my eyes to helping individuals of all abilities more efficiently and has guided me to further my education by going back to school for my masters in Applied Behavior Analysis. 

Khristine Caola
B.A., RBT 
Emily Glassford 
B.A. , RBT

Welcome to ABA by the Sea.  Our team is growing with our company's needs.  We are a small organization committed to the needs of your child.  All of our therapists are dedicated and certified.  They each have the experience and the heart to provide your child with the tools they need for success across all areas.  


Our Team

We offer in-home behavior therapy and family training.

Our mission is to provide each child with the tools they need to be successful and happy throughout their lives. Using evidence-based practices we address the core challenges faced by those with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Communication, Social Skills, and Repetitive Behaviors. We are committed to teaching the skills needed to decrease problematic behaviors and increase functional skills which will lead to success and overall happiness.

Our Offerings
Our Mission
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