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When children are diagnosed with ASD, we can develop a plan for in-home ABA therapy which focuses on the core deficits associated with this disorder: social skills, communication, eye contact, and repetitive behaviors.


Your child can have success in all areas of their life.  We believe that the whole family is important. We will train you about the basics of behavior and teach you how to use the skills you learn to help ensure your child's success.  Our goal is to help your family to understand the individual needs of your child and to teach you ways to increase skills and happiness in your home.

IEP Reviews and Explanations

The IEP process can be a confusing one.  We can help you to understand your child's IEP.  We can review your child's IEP with you, explain goals and teach you how you can ask for and receive appropriate accommodations.

Therapy and Services

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Welcome to ABA by the Sea

We are proud to be your in-home ABA therapy team.  Our staff is comprised of BCBAs, RBTs and behavior therapists. We are dedicated to ensuring that your child receives an individual in-home program based on their strengths and their particular needs.  Only evidenced-based interventions will be used that will provide your child the best possible program.

While our focus is therapy for children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, we know that children and adults with varying abilities can benefit from ABA therapy.  Our hearts are open to all  who need a little therapy or a lifetime of therapy.

Our therapy focuses on teaching your child the functional skills and verbal behavior that they need to be successful.

We are firm believers that when functional skills and communication increase, problem behaviors decrease. We use function-based antecedent and consequence interventions to change behavior, with our main goal always being to increase socially appropriate behavior.

Parent training, team meetings, and data-based decision making are the hallmarks of all our programs.  We strive to work with each member of your family to increase communication and harmony.  

Call or email us today for a free consultation or more information about our programs.

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